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Volunteer Opportunities

We are a volunteer driven organization and are deeply grateful to all of our volunteers who give their time and energy. There are many meaningful ways you may become involved with Celia’s House. To get started please fill out the on-line application or return via mail a completed form. We will happily answer any questions via phone or e-mail.

Following are descriptions of the most common volunteer positions at Celia’s House. If you have a unique skill or talent to share please list it on the application.

Resident Support Volunteer – These volunteers are an essential part of providing high quality care to our patients and their families. While staff members take care of medial needs Resident Support Volunteers are trained to support the mental and emotional well being of patients and their loved ones. This position requires an application, in person interview, a 30 hour training, and a 1 year commitment of 4 hrs a week.

Front Desk Greeter –  As the first person to greet our guests this person is the calm, warm, welcoming presence in the entry way of Celia’s House. They are there to assist visitors and hospice providers who are coming to the House for the first time or who have questions.  A 10 hour Cultural Orientation is required.

Special Therapy Volunteer – Do you have a special skill that could support a patient, massage, music or art? Additional training and applications may be required depending on your level of patient contact.

Kitchen Volunteer – Want to support our kitchen staff, or help a family bake cookies? This might be a volunteer position for you.

Garden Volunteer – Our hospice house is surrounded by beautiful botanic gardens. If you have a green thumb or just like digging in the dirt we are always excited to have volunteers help maintain our idyllic park like environment.

Maintenance Volunteer – Help to maintain the house. We are always happy to have people help decorate, clean, or repair items around the house.